16 de julho de 2015

Time out for Greece or rather for Dr. Strangelove? 

"No wonder there seems to be no sense of ownership by Mr. Tsipras or by Mr. Schäuble regarding the agreement. It is because this is not an agreement: it is an ultimatum. Based in a absurd economic programme, which is unfair, cruel and impractical.
  A scandal, incompatible with the founding principles of the EU.

To make it even worse, it is an ultimatum built upon the humiliating threat of expelling Greece from the Euro. But, in fact, a Greek exit would have no legal base. The "Grexit" suggestion made by the German Minister Schäuble is monstruous: besides the "government change" that it aims to achieve in Greece, it represents an attempt of "regime change" in the EU.

It is the task of this Parliament to defend democracy - and this ECON Committee has particular responsibilities in this field. That requires to make democracy work, not just by monitoring the reform process to be undertaken by Greece, but in changing the programme to make it viable and effectively assist Greece in coming out of the calamitous situation it finds herself in. 

And that requires to put debt restructuring at the center of the program. How is it possible that the European Commission may have hidden the report that evaluates the unsustainability of the Greek debt, the one which was released by the IMF just two days before the Greek referendum, under Americam pressure?!...

But where is the European Commission? Some colleagues have rightly underlined  the importance of resuming the community method against the intergovernmental one which is prevailing and producing such desastruous results
I appeal to all German pro-European colleagues, on the right and on the left. Just read the editorial of the  "New York Times" today, under the title : "Germany's destructive anger". 

Time out for Greece? NO! Time out for Dr. Strangelove working to destroy the Euro, the trust of citizens in the EU and the Union itself! To save Greece is to save the Euro, is to save the Union."

(Notes of my intervention today at the ECON Committee of the European Parliament, debating Greece)

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