12 de abril de 2016

#Refugees: truly, a EU crisis 

"The Kyenge-Metsola report proposes solidarity and common sense. 
That is the opposite of what I have seen at Idomeni, where thousands are camping wildly and where yesterday men, women and children were miserably attacked by forces of neighboring FYROM.
That is the opposite also of the EU-Turkey agreement, centered in forced returns, which makes the EU violate international law and human rights, also by detaining thousands at "hotspots" such as the one in Moria, Lesbos, which I have visited - in fact, a detention center. It does not deter refugees from coming and it gives more business to the trafficking mafias.
Without announcing it, Chancellor Merkel does the opposite of what she proclaimed last summer: yielding to populism and making the Union deport asylum seekers. That is why European Commission and Council do not sanction the Visegrad members, who shamefully led by Austria gang up to violate Schengen, closing borders, asphyxiating Greece e now building walls with Italy.
This is not a refugee crisis. It is a European crisis - of leadership and values. I am ashamed!"

My statement at the EP plenary debate, this morning, on the Metsola-Kyenge report on "The situation in the Mediterraneum and the need for a holistic EU approach to migration"

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