22 de novembro de 2016

The EU and the repression in Turkey 

Por Ana Gomes

"Outrageously, MEPs are being barred from visiting fellow Turkish Parliamentarians in prison: 10 from HDP. Plus 37 mayors of Kurdish cities jailed, besides thousands of journalists, judges, teachers, officers alleged to have links with the July coup.

The EU should be alarmed and warn against the mass murder likely in preparation of prisoners whom Erdogan considers linked to the Gülen Movement. Already 20 appeared "suicided", certainly to hide traces of torture. Already pro-government media report of a "mass escape" plan by prisoners - a convenient excuse to execute them.

The EU must ditch any pretense that accession negotiations are still possible with the repressive regime of Erdogan in his latest crazy power grab.

Let's instead engage and support all those brave men and women in Turkey who fight for democracy and human rights and resist: we cannot be friends with a regime that brutally attacks the Kurds and oppresses the Turkish people."

(My statement at EP plenary debate, today, on the situation in Turkey)

9 de novembro de 2016

Freeze negotiations with Turkey! 

Por Ana Gomes

"Nationalism and populism in Europe, its neighborhood, the USA and in the world demand that we ditch the neo-liberal policies which are destroying jobs and deregulating globalization, thus feeding the Farages, Trumps, Erdogans and their KGB master Putin.

Enlargement can only remain a priority with countries wanting to embrace European ways and values. As you said, Commissioner Hahn, this is not the case today in Turkey, under Erdogan. 

It's Erdogan, not the EU, who is closing the door, with gross human rights violations, heavy repression, abandon of the rule of the law. As a consequence - and as our Turkey rapporteur, Kati Piri, called for - negotiations should be frozen.

But that also means that we need to engage even further with civil society and all political forces in Turkey who fight to restore democracy and the rule of law. 

Will the European Commission help?"

Question I addressed to Commissioner Hahn today, at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament debate on EU enlargement 

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